The table below shows the Chapters and Units thereunder to be covered through our PSLE Math Study Plan.

1Number System
2Number System Basics
3Decimal & Fraction
(All Operations)
4Common Factors & Common Multiples
5Word Problems
6Figure Problems
7PercentagePercentage Basics
8Percentage as a fraction
9RatioRatio Basics
10Word and Figure Problems
11SpeedSpeed Basics including average
12Distance, Time and Speed Relation
13Area and Circumference of Circle
14Area and Perimeter
15Geometrical Figures, Cube and Cuboid, Lines and Angles, Nets
16Data AnalysisData from Charts (Pie, Bar & Line Charts)
17Data from Table
18AlgebraExpressions with Variable
19Word Problems
20Full Syllabus Model Papers5 Sets (10 Parts)
Each set consists of 2 tests Part 1 and Part 2

Highlights of PSLE Math Study Plan:

  • Online Practice & Review

  • Whole Syllabus divided into units & Full Syllabus Problem Sums Papers

  • Each unit shall have test papers comprising of 10 questions each

  • After completion of all units there shall be full syllabus problem sums tests

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